Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery is free within 30 miles of our manufacturing plant in Prospect, VA. Over 30 miles,  delivery charges are $2.00 per mile for 8' and 10' wide buildings and $3.50 per mile for 12' wide buildings.

Am I required to get a building permit?

Virginia regulations require a permit for any structure over 200 sq.ft. However, you would need to check with your local building inspector to see if he upholds this policy and/or if he has any other special requirements.  Wilcks Lake Sheds and Old Hickory Buildings are not responsible for permits, covenenant searches, restrictions, set backs, yard damage, or underground damage. 

Do I need to do any site preparation?

The price of the storage building includes leveling.  You can either provide your own blocks or buy them from the driver for $2 per block. You may want to choose a site that is fairly level, so as not to have one end of the building blocked a lot higher than the other (for aesthetic purposes), but no ground prep is required for these buildings. Please keep in mind that the building will be delivered by a four-wheel drive truck and a trailer and will need at least 1’ of clearance on each side of the building all the way down your driveway and up to the site. Since the building will be sitting on a trailer, you will also want to look at any low-hanging braches that could cause damage to your building as it is delivered. 

Is there any warranty on these buildings?

There is a five-year warranty on materials and workmanship.  Some exclusions apply.  There is also a limited lifetime warranty against termite and fungal decay on all pressure treated materials (from pressure treating company). 

Can I purchase a shed from the lot?

Yes, you can purchase a display model and receive delivery within 5 week days (weather permitting).  If you custom order, you can usually receive delivery with 15 to 20 days (weather permitting).

Do you offer financing?

We offer a Rent-To-Own program which does not require a credit check.  A security deposit of $100 on 8' or 10' wide buildings, $200 on 12' wide buildings, and $700 on 14' wide buildings, plus your first month's rent are required to begin the contract.

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Shed Options
Shipping and Delivery
  • Plant Address

  • FREE delivery within 30 miles radius of our manufacturing plant
  • Site must be accessible with truck
  • Customer is responsible for all building permits and local codes