Product Information


  • • On the treated product line, siding is pressure treated Premium Grade 5/8" T1-11 plywood that features a lifetime warranty against termites and fungal decay.
  • • All buildings come with locks and keys.
  • • Treated buildings come water sealed with 3 year water sealer.
  • • 30 year architectural shingles or 29 gauge metal roofs are standard.
  • • Skids and floor joists on all buildings are pressure treated.
  • • On Floor Decking, we offer you two choices:
    • 1. 5/8" CDX grade square edge pressure treated plywood flooring. The advantage is a lifetime warranty against termites and fungal decay.
    • 2. 5/8" Tongue and Groove S-I-F plywood flooring. The advantages are:
      • a. Better appearance with sanded face and knots filled
      • b. Lifetime warranty against delamination of plys
      • c. Tighter Joints and Stronger Floor due to Tongue and Groove system.
  • We recommend option #2 for all applications except for extremely moist locations or where termites are a known problem.


  • • On the treated and painted product lines, wall studs are 24 inch on center, doubled under siding seams to help seal building, same strength as 16 inch on center (as in home construction).
  • • Floor joists are 2x4's, 16 inch on center and set into notched skids to prevent twisting. (Floor joists never span more than about 5 ft without being supported by a 4x6 skid.) Floor joists are 12 inch on center on all Garages and 10x20 size buildings.
  • • Skids are pressure treated 4x6's not 4x4's.


  • 5 Year Warranty: We offer a five year warranty on materials and workman-ship. Some exclusions apply, see website or dealer for more details.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: There is a limited lifetime warranty against termite damage and fungal decay on all pressure treated materials (from pressure treating company).
  • Low Price Guarantee: We'll match any competitor's advertised price for same quality building. See above for materials and construction details.


  • • Buildings at the sales lot can usually be delivered within 5 week days (weather permitting).
  • • Ordered Treated buildings can usually be delivered within 10 to 15 days (weather permitting).
  • • Ordered Painted and Metal buildings can usually be delivered within 15 to 20 days (weather permitting).
  • • No site preparation necessary (if site is accessible with truck and trailer and site is no more than 3 feet out of level).
  • • Free setup includes leveling with customer supplied concrete blocks and driver supplied pressure treated shims. Drivers can supply concrete blocks for $2 each. First 30 miles free, over 30 miles subject to additional charge.
  • NO CREDIT CHECK Just a small security deposit ($100 on 8', 9' & 10' wide buildings, $200 on 12' wide buildings, and $700 on 14' wide buildings), plus your first month's rent and we'll set up a building at your location.
  • NO STRINGSThe rental agreement is on a month to month basis, meaning you have the flexibility to turn in the building at anytime for any reason after the initial period of 1–4 months. See salesman for details.





















  • Options Price List
  • Fully customize your building. Choose from our extensive list of options, ranging from skylights to insulation.

Shipping and Delivery
  • Plant Address
  • Shed Moving Price List

  • FREE delivery within 25 miles radius of our manufacturing plant
  • Site must be accessible with truck
  • Customer is responsible for all building permits and local codes
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